This book asks »How many fonts do we need?« and tries to answer this rather difficult question
by analyzing four different aspects of type. It takes a look at our so-called type-memory, corporate
fonts, the font-choice and fonts that are inevitably bound to certain occasions, things or people.

Basically, the book is an overview about the use of type. With a lot of pictures, a lot of love and
essential information, it wants to awake interest for type as well as explaining the hype about type.

In collaboration with Maria Joachim and Verena Reiber.

Medium book
Size big pages: 19 x 21cm / small pages: 9 x 21cm / 228 pages
Production digital print 4/4c, glued binding, softcover

* Published in design magazine »form« (1/2009) and »novum« (3/2009)