Zeitgeisty – A snapshot [Diploma]

ZEITGEISTY is about the beautiful but also confusing german language.
It’s a snapshot which shows the german language with all its beauty, its facets,
its particularities and its influences.

The work consists of an editorial part that explains and fathoms linguistical
phenomenons. Besides that many different examples show how we interpret,
shape and adopt the language in a way we need it and which is suitable for us.

It was important to me to show the german language from different angles,
its diversity and its variety. Without judging it. I chose to use different kind
of statements, spoken and written words to show the wide range of possibilities
how to use this language.

That variety should be reflected in the graphic realization as well. Therefor i tried
to play with type and pictures and interpret them as well as we shape and interpret
the german language every day anew.

Medium book
Size 22,5 x 36cm / 167 pages
Production digital print 4/4c, glued binding, softcover